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Key technology system of automatic quilting machine for computer quilting machine

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2018/9/29 14:47:30 Hits:6125

Technology in all walks of life is undergoing continuous innovation, and computer sewing machine industry is no exception. Nowadays, many enterprises have begun to push for a big technological reform, with the development of technology and the progress of the times. Technology in all walks of life is undergoing continuous innovation, and computer sewing machine industry is no exception. Now many enterprises are starting to promote a great technological reform of Chen Xin.
The computer quilting machine uses a long needle to sew the interlayer of fabric, so that the cotton wadding is fixed. Taking bedding as an example, bedding is generally composed of two parts: tire material and textile fabrics, which are divided into flocculent tires and loose fibers. The core structure and shape of the loose fiber bedding are not fixed, easy to flow and shrink, and the thickness is uneven. In order to make the outer fabric and the inner core of the quilt tightly fixed, so that the thickness of the quilt is uniform, the outer fabric and the inner core are stitched together side by side in a straight line or decorative pattern. This process of increasing aesthetic feeling and practicability, through this sewed quilt or mattress, quilting products are basically completed by hand. It is quilting quilt and quilting mat. The difference between quilting quilt and quilting mattress used in general family is that there is an additional quilting process. The operation procedure is sewing first and then quilting.
The shortcomings of millions of workshops are low output, poor pattern consistency and complex operation process. High yield, good consistency, but simple pattern, little change, not inverted cloth, not typesetting, mainly to compound, processing lining and core. Under the control of precise computer system, the computer quilting machine perfectly handles all kinds of complex patterns compiled in the whole coordinate system. It is incomparable in terms of production speed, mechanical performance, noise pollution and other indicators. Through the use of advanced computer quilting machine, improve labor productivity, reduce costs, realize the automation of the production process of quilting products, computer quilting machine manufacturers produce more practical and beautiful products, meet the needs of the masses of life while obtaining profits in order to seek their own development, therefore, computer quilting machine cleaning Mechanical quilting is an inevitable trend.
The key technology of the quilting control system of computerized quilting machine is the linkage control technology of saddle and roller and needle row. The computer quilting machine is developed on the basis of referring to the advanced quilting machine series abroad. It uses multi-CPU parallel processing technology to process and transmit the data of the quilting machine, which greatly improves the previous tradition. The mechanical working mode of the special frequency converter solves the key technology of quilting such as saddle control, roller control and spindle control, realizes the automation of quilting production process, has strong fault-tolerant function, automatic stop of broken line, overheat protection and other automatic detection and protection measures and system fault self-diagnosis. In addition, it has more than 40 functions such as parameter setting, pattern management and so on. It meets the urgent needs of many quilting enterprises for multi-needle shuttle quilting machine, multi-needle spindle quilting machine and single-head spindle quilting machine for new machine adaptation, old machine transformation and quilting processing.
The overall technical design of the computer quilting machine control system has a high starting point, good compatibility and strong anti-interference ability. According to the international design practice and the specific requirements of the computer quilting machine, the optimal design is carried out. Its technical characteristics are:
1. Quilting needle speed and stitch as well as quilting needle and pressing plate phase and many other parameters, reasonable selection of saddle or pull drive motor, accurate calculation of saddle or roller acceleration and material transfer time, optimum design of saddle or roller drive command control curve, ensure quilting quality and quilting output, improve the control technology of saddle or roller system. In the overall design level, stepper motor is used instead of AC servo motor to drive the saddle, so as to improve the overall performance of the saddle and roller system.
2. In the control technology of spindle system, according to the actual load of spindle, belt transmission principle, quilting needle speed and quilting needle trace and many other parameters, the spindle driving motor is reasonably selected, the acceleration of spindle is calculated, the speed control curve of spindle driving instruction is optimized, the quilting quality and quilting output are ensured, and the spindle system is improved. Develop the overall design level of technology, drive the spindle with frequency converter and asynchronous motor, so as to improve the overall performance index of the spindle system.
3. On the hardware and structure of the whole system, the computer quilting machine optimizes the circuit diagram of the system according to the system performance and function index, carefully carries out the technical measures such as the design of industrial environment resistance, system performance and work stability, and system safety, strictly adopts the design method of component control and quota reduction, which is reasonable. Select computer chips and various components and integrated circuit chips to achieve the required functional units with the best price and reliability.  The electromagnetic compatibility of industrial environment is realized by shielding, thermal design and proper wiring.
4. In the system control software, aiming at the inherent defect of the software and the complexity of the error environment, a series of preventive measures have been taken in the software design. In the quilting process of the computer quilting machine, various executing agencies are monitored in real time to eliminate the erroneous actions caused by interference and other factors, so as to improve the reliability of the system.

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