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How much is the price of computerized quilting machine? Do you need to know before buying it?

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2018/9/29 14:54:20 Hits:1616
Many home textile workers will ask about the follow-up maintenance of computer quilting machine when they buy computer quilting machine. They are more concerned about the maintenance price of computer quilting machine. In fact, the maintenance price of computer quilting machine is relatively low.
The maintenance cost of computer quilting machine is very low, even without maintenance cost. Why do I say so? Because all parts of the computer quilting machine are long-term durable parts, as long as the maintenance is proper, there is no need to replace. In the process of maintenance, cleaning and lubrication are generally carried out. These maintenance costs are basically zero and can be neglected.
Then how can we maintain a reasonable computer quilting machine and reduce the cost of using it? Because the equipment will be installed and debugged before leaving the factory, the goods can only be delivered after the qualified debugging and operation, so the quilting machine generally does not appear equipment quality problems in the use process. However, due to the long processing time, the loosening of fasteners will more or less occur in the equipment, so the maintenance process needs to do this:
1. In the usual quilting machine work, pay attention to observe whether the quilting machine loose parts. If parts loose, they must be tightened.
2. If the quilting machine is used frequently, attention should be paid to cleaning the core sleeve. The lining should not have hair. If it has been working for eight hours or placed for a long time, it needs to be cleaned and oiled.
3. After all cleaning, take off the parts of the lock core sleeve, re-check the oil, as long as there are running-in parts with other parts, oil, and then empty tread the oil on the machine.
The maintenance of computer quilting machine is so simple that if the home textile manufacturer has his own lubricating oil, it does not even cost a penny, if there is no lubricating oil, it can be purchased and used. If there is no aging phenomenon in other parts of computer quilting machine, it is not necessary to replace them, so as to minimize the production cost.

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