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Development trend of computer quilting machine

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2018/9/29 15:01:01 Hits:2224

Computer quilting is an essential mechanical equipment for modern home textile production. In home textile production, computer quilting machine can be used for quilting mattress, quilt, cushion, car cushion, etc. The development of computerized quilting machine has also gone through generations of innovation before it can come to today, and only after the combination of computer control system can it realize automatic and efficient production. How did the computer quilting machine develop?  What is the direction of development?
In the initial quilting process, long needles are used to sew interlayer textiles so as to fix the cotton floss on the outside. At this time, there is no use of quilting machine, let alone computer quilting machine, but mainly manual quilting. The structure and shape of loose-fibre quilt core are not fixed, easy to move and shrink, and the thickness is uneven. In order to make the outer fabric and the inner core close and fixed, and make the thickness average, the outer fabric and the inner core are stitched side by side in a straight line or decorative pattern.
Now, the quilting machine is gradually replaced by the computer quilting machine. Comparing with the traditional mechanical quilting machine, the computer quilting machine breaks its function of only fixing half coordinate complex patterns. Under the control of accurate computer system, the computer quilting machine can deal with all kinds of complex patterns compiled in the whole coordinate system satisfactorily. In terms of production speed, mechanical function and other performance, it is incomparable with previous mechanical machines. Through the use of advanced computer quilting technology, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, complete the automation of quilting products production process, create more suitable and beautiful products, to meet the needs of the masses of life. Therefore, the computer quilting machine instead of the mechanical quilting machine has become a great progress in modern quilting production.
Computer quilting machine of the future is to intelligent production mode evolution which we call the 4 direction of industrial evolution, intelligent computer quilting opportunity to greatly reduce the using amount of workers, but did improve in the overall efficiency, at the same time computer quilting machine intelligent can produce better quality of textile products. Intelligent computer quilting machine can automatically switch the production pattern, improve the efficiency of different pattern of textile production, shorten the processing time.

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