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Movement and function mechanism of computerized quilting machine

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2018/9/29 15:03:32 Hits:1507
The computer quilting machine and the quilting machine are of the same principle. They are all XY - Z sports system.
The XY axis controls the movement of the head; the Z axis controls the quilting of the machine head.
(1) Z axis movement - the machine head and the chassis are controlled by the stepper motor synchronously.
(2) X axis movement - the left and right movements of the quilt head.
(3) Y axis movement -- the front and rear movements of quilting machine head.
Taking bedding as an example, bedding is generally composed of two parts: tire material and textile fabrics, which are divided into flocculent tires and loose fibers. The core structure and shape of the loose fiber bedding are not fixed, easy to flow and shrink, and the thickness is uneven. In order to make the outer fabric and the inner core of the quilt tightly fixed, so that the thickness of the quilt is uniform, the outer fabric and the inner core are stitched (including sewing) side by side in a straight line or decorative pattern. This process of increasing aesthetic feeling and practicability is called quilting.

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