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How can we handle the quilting machine and how to adjust the needle?

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2018/9/29 15:09:13 Hits:1570
1. Under the premise of correctly installing the needle, the needle moves from top to bottom and spin. When the machine needle is lowered to a lower position, the shuttle tip nozzle of the spindle should be in the range of 14 18 and 10 12 mm from the center of the machine needle. That is to say, when the needle rod goes down to a lower level, the distance between the needle tip and the needle tip is 3.5-4MM, and the needle rod rises 2.2MM, the needle tip reaches the center of the needle, and the distance between the needle tip and the needle hole is 1.2-1.5MM.
2. When the machine needs to sew the thinner material, the distance between the tip of the shuttle and the center of the needle should be adjusted to 8-12 mm. As long as the three fastening screws on the shuttle are loosened and the shuttle is turned clockwise at an angle, the positioning distance will increase; on the contrary, it will decrease.
3. The matching of needle and spindle is determined by the actual need of the machine itself. Because of the different combination forms of stitches, the adjustment of the position of the needle rod is based on the pinhole and the needle tip.
Note: Computer sewing machine manufacturer's sewing machine usually emphasizes the machine's cleanliness and non-pollution in the development process of Mechatronics sewing machine. Through the design of sewing machine head, needle rod, take-up rod and spindle can be cleaned without oil.

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