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What are the characteristics of computer high speed quilting machine?

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2018/9/29 15:14:11 Hits:1456

Believe that quilting machine is a familiar kind of home textile equipment, then what are its characteristics? Now let's briefly talk about the characteristics of computer high-speed quilting machine.
Using the new industrial control motherboard, the system can be used by USB flash disk, and the system can be operated or restored by operation.
It is easy to copy and delete gimmick files by handling tricks.
Count and reset function, operation accounting function.
The trick is to find a function to quickly locate a point in a trick figure and start quilting.
Real time flash quilting and prompt operation.
The spindle adopts precise spline transmission, and the linear movement of the head is adopted. The motion accuracy is high and the noise is low.
Azimuth translation fine adjustment function can accurately quilt and other quilting.

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