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Design and manufacture of quilting embroidery

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All the patterns and programs of the embroidery machine are stored on the hard disk of the computer, abandoning the traditional way that the embroidery machine relies on worker's patterns to design. This design allows people to complete the design of patterns only by operating the computer. At the same time, the computer displays the preset parameters, quilting patterns and working status in Chinese. When people operate, they can make products by presenting the menu on the screen and choosing the required working parameters.
Firstly, the process of quilting embroidery is a combination of quilting and embroidery. Compared with other processing methods, the process of quilting embroidery is more complicated and needs to be completed at the same time. Because this can ensure the clearness of the pattern to a great extent, the pattern processed by quilted embroidery is lifelike on the fabric, and the pattern processed by ordinary methods can not achieve this effect. At the same time, because the quilting embroidery processing is an integral processing, so the integrity of the fabric is strong. For the fabric, the integrity is one of the criteria for evaluating the fabric eligibility. The better the integrity of the fabric, the less likely it is to occur when using it.

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