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Computer quilting machine, intelligent development road of Chinese computer quilting machine

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2018/9/29 15:24:21 Hits:1457

China's quilting machine technology continues to develop and learn from the experience of international machinery, but the computer quilting machine market is still expanding with the development of textile products industry.
In fact, in China, the real market of computer quilting machine products is only formed in the past ten years. This kind of products are still in a young state. The computer quilting machine has a long way to go. The future development direction will be the intellectualized way to be in line with internationalization. The computer quilting machine should realize one-time cotton opening, cloth delivery and cloth delivery. The whole assembly line of filling, edge closing and trimming processes should be visualized, more humane and intelligent.
Moreover, the computerized quilting machine and the computerized quilting embroidery machine will also be combined with the remote control of the production process, so as to realize the automation of design and production, the informationization of management and the intellectualization of process control in the quilting industry. This is the general direction of intelligent development of Chinese computer quilting machine.

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