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Common objection processing of computer quilting machine

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2018/9/29 15:26:10 Hits:1496

Breaking needle, jumping thread and breaking thread of computer quilting machine are the most headache in quilting process. Breaking needle sometimes leads to the abandonment of a bedding and increases production and operation costs. If we can't deal with these daily situations, which will seriously affect the daily production, then how to eliminate these failures? Xiaobian summed up a few points, I hope to help you!
1. Jumping line is because the spindle and needle are not adjusted in place; on the premise of correct installation of the machine needle, the machine needle moves from top to bottom and the spindle rotates. When the machine needle is lowest, the spindle tip should be in the range of 14 18 and 10 12 mm from the center of the machine needle. That is to say, when the needle rod is lowest, the distance between the needle tip and the needle tip is 3.5-4MM, and the needle rod is raised by 2.2MM, the needle tip reaches the center of the needle, and the distance between the needle tip and the needle hole is 1.2-1.5MM.
2, the broken line is due to burrs on the needle plate or pinhole. If the broken end is horsetail, it may be burr on the crossing hook, excessive tightness of the clamp line and excessive amount of the take-up spring. If the broken wire head is cut, it may be that the position of the mechanical structure of the machine has changed, the parts have not been disassembled according to the original position in the disassembly process, the parts have been damaged by the impact of the broken needle and other parts, and the edges of the parts have burrs, etc. If a thread breaks one or two yarns, it may be caused by too high presser height.
3, the broken needle is because the machine needle touches the metal parts such as rotary shuttle. Machine needle and rotary hook hook position, whether to touch. Whether the needle is too thin or the quilt is too thick. Whether the foot height is too low, so that the needle and the foot rub. Check nylon gear wear and screw loosening. Check for synchronous pulley loosening. Check the needle plate. There is no trace of broken needle on the shuttle.

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