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The ash should be cleaned not only for a long time but also for long quilting machines.

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After long-term use, a lot of dust may accumulate in the quilting machine. If it is not cleaned up in time, it may lead to overheating of the machine operation, lower efficiency and affect the performance of the machine. Therefore, we should regularly clean the quilting machine thoroughly.
After using the quilting machine for a long time, there will be some dust. How to clean it up has become a problem. We have a better way to clean up the quilting machine dust.
1. Read the instructions of quilting machine in detail, focusing on the parts of shuttle bed, especially the spindle sleeve.
2, cut off the power of quilting machine.
3. Remove and decompose the shuttle bed according to the steps in the instructions.
4. Use soft brush and soft cloth to clean the shuttle bed thoroughly.
5. Reinstall the shuttle bed.
6, clean and clean the fuselage with clean, slightly damp soft cloth.
7, start the trial run, ensure that the installation is correct after cleaning completed.
The purpose of cleaning quilting machine is to maintain the machine, which is conducive to maintaining the performance of the machine, prolonging the use time of the machine and reducing its failure. Quilting machines better clean up dust, which is an important way of maintenance.

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