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How to solve the pulling problem of computer quilting machine

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2018/9/29 15:30:25 Hits:1382

In general, the computer quilting machine in the quilting process more or less will appear loops and tension problems, when such problems arise, the first thing to consider is the quality of the quilting machine or quilting machine, as well as the density of the quilted fabric, material and twist density of the thread and so on.
If it is found that the quilting machine has a pull line, we should immediately check whether there is any problem with the quilting needle, because once the quilting needle is too thick or bends, so that there will be no resistance to cloth faults, it is necessary to replace the fine needle or new needle in time. The computer quilting machine of our company is designed and manufactured by ourselves by using international professional technology. The new generation of all-mobile computer quilting machine uses imported components as its main parts. It has smaller floor area, more reasonable structure, higher automation degree, better quilting precision, and all technical indicators reach international level.
If the problem of thread drawing is caused by the operation of quilting machine, it may be caused by the quilting machine's too fast rotation speed, too large thread tension or too large diameter of the needle plate. At this time, the problem can be solved by slowing down the rotation speed, reducing the tension of the thread and using needle plate holes with small caliber. If the problem of thread drawing occurs in computer quilting machine is the cause of the box fabric, you can choose to apply silicone oil on line or replace thin thread. Then check whether the fabric's flexibility has been reduced, and the fabric's tissue density is not balanced, we should solve the problem according to the specific situation.

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