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Attention of computer quilting machine replacement

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2018/9/29 15:31:39 Hits:5227

Attention should be paid to the following points when replacing machine parts with computer quilting machine.
1 repair and replace parts as far as possible by experts.
2 the repair or replacement parts shall be supplied or approved by the original factory, and the models can be replaced for testing.
3 When replacing computer quilting machine parts, if it is necessary to open the electronic control box, must cut off the power supply and wait for five minutes to operate, do not wet your hands.
4. Use professional tools and strictly follow instructions to replace parts of the quilting machine. When replacing, the machine should be placed in a safe place.
5 once the replacement work is completed, check it again. Make sure that the solder has no undue contact with other quilting machine parts, the insulation material on the circuit board should be restored to its original state, the contact between the wire terminal and the plug is good, the screw nut is not operated without falling off, and the fastening must not be loosened.
6. After the replacement of computer quilting machine parts, it is necessary to put them into normal operation after commissioning. During commissioning, attention should be paid to the fact that hair and clothing should not touch pulleys and belts, and safety measures should be taken.

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