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What are the uses of computerized quilting machines?

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2018/9/29 15:35:36 Hits:1412

Computer quilting machine is a combination of quilting machine and computer operating system. The birth of computerized quilting machine solves the problem that ordinary quilting machine can not overcome. Under the control of its precise computer system, the computer quilting machine can perfectly handle all kinds of complex patterns compiled in the whole coordinate system. Its production speed, mechanical performance, noise pollution and other indicators are unparalleled in the past. Taking bedding as an example, bedding is generally composed of two parts: tire material and textile fabrics, which are divided into flocculent tires and loose fibers. Computer quilting machine manufacturer can conveniently copy and delete format files and provide automatic and manual regression origin mode. Format trajectory search results can run step or restore control system to resolve format processing results.
And you can use USB flash disk to copy format and other files, and support USB hot swap. Starting to quilt at a certain point for fast positioning to the format graph can stop unnecessary downtime.
Head movement accepts linear guide, reliable industrial control system, spindle frequency conversion drive system, X and Y direction acceptance step drive system has high precision and low noise.
Bedding pattern can be selected, bedding size can be adjusted, rigid operation is simple, low cost and other advantages. Have the format to appreciate the results. The boundary of the frame can be conveniently set and modified.
High-speed computerized quilting machine and traditional computerized quilting machine are called computerized quilting machine, but their performance characteristics are quite different. Properly making various bed quilts and mattresses, the sewing efficiency is fast, the format is elegant, and the graphics are exquisite.

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