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DH-A Computer Quilting Machine

DH-A long-arm Computerized Quilting Machines,aresewing equipments for producing all kinds of bedding products. The sewing speedof them is very fast and the pattern is beautiful and refine.The Products adoptbeam movement,the quilt is resting when the machine is quilting,therefore itwill save 40% space.

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Product Details


Adopt exact spline on main shaft todrive,and the linear guide orbit device are used to

move sewing head,this way not only enhanceprecision of moving.but also reduce noises.

Use industrial control system to keep themachine run reliably,main shaft is driven by

inverter,movement of Xaxis and Y axis bystep motor driver.

Set latest industrial controlmainboard,enable to use USB-disk start while other disks

in computer can not work,with function ofrunning and furbishing controlling system.

Capable of copying pattern and other filesfrom USB-disk,and enable to use USB-disk

plug and play.

lt's convenient to copy or delete pattemfiles by pattern management function.

With function of pattern viewing androtating or mirroring pattern,capable of reading

patterns of variety forms.

Both forward and backward modes for retreatquilting,overlap stitch distance can be

treated specially.and the stitch length canbe changed.

Trace seeking function makes needle quicklylocated in its position.

Display quilting status at any time andprompt operation.

Wo quilting methods:forward andbackward,and offer press buttons like forward,

backward and needle thread etc.

Offset function makes it available to joinseparated patterns accurately.

Accompanied by change of defining pattermrange and space,pattern size scales automatically.

Supply two sets of pressing-foot device tosewing-head for your option in vary conditions.

it's very easy to change them.

Single head,single needle,double-linelocked style,big rotating shuttle.

Self-detect breaking thread function,needlestays at upper position at pause time and

machine stop working while thread breakageautomatically.

Testing system function,can detect the machineworking status quickly,it used for

repairing machine.

Main shaft self-detect function effectivelyavoid the accident of breaking quilt,with

protection function against exceeding inlimit range.

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